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Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center

Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center

Established in 2000, joined Department of Athletics in 2010

Club Sports Teams

2014-2015 Club Sports Council Members

Cassie Lampe; President. Kathleen Terrian; Vice President. Emily Engelbrecht; Secretary.
Amy Perez, Events Chair. Amanda Terranella, Bylaws Chair. Racheal Millon and Mitchell Hoyer; Fundraising Chair

Club Cricket

For more information, contact Arun Saminathan at fn9244@wayne.edu. 

For more information, contact Mitchell Hoyer at eh0239@wayne.edu.
Women's Club Lacrosse
For more information contact Nicole Farley at  womensclublacrosse@wayne.edu.
 For more information contact Rachael Millon at el7807@wayne.edu
Women's Club Volleyball
For more information contact Amanda Terranella at wsuclubvolleyball@wayne.edu



Start a Club

Club teams are constantly being forming. If you are interested in starting a team, fill out the Club Sports Interest Form and email it back to CampusRec@wayne.edu. Contact Campus Recreation at (313) 577-2348 or CampusRec@wayne.edu with any additional questions.

All teams must fill out the appropriate Forms and abide by the Club Sports Handbook in order to be recognized by the Department of Campus Recreation.

*The University does not have the adequate equipment, nor meeting room space, to accomodate any form of martial arts or wrestling student organizations. Thus, these student organizations will not be approved as recognized student organizations and will not be able to secure space in campus facilities. If a student(s) would like to form a martial arts or wrestling club sport, they are permitted to do so, but will need to secure training facilities outside of Wayne State University. All expenses must be incurred by the club sport and the club sport must comply with all policies regarding club sports at Wayne State University.