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Tara Anderson – Yoga Instructor

I absolutely love teaching yoga because of the many aspects of health and wellness incorporated into the practice of yoga. I am completing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at WSU and it has been a blessing to be a part of a profession that embraces evidence-based treatment through the prescription of movement and exercise. I apply my current knowledge of the human body to better serve the Detroit community through yoga. The majority of my participants at WSU are faculty and students that study and work in a seated position for prolonged periods. The format of my class is designed to target muscle stiffness and strength deficits that are associated with prolonged sitting. My Clinical Exercise Science degree, YogaFit Level 1 and YogaLean certifications combined with four years' experience instructing yoga to diverse populations (college students, campus faculty, senior citizens, college varsity athletes, adults with disabilities, high school students, and counseling centers) has been essential in my evolution as an instructor. It is an honor to be a part of the WSU fitness team and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of movement with you!

Rachael Andrews – Fitness Instructor

As a fitness instructor and fellow gym-goer, I've learned that most of us want a workout that doesn't feel like work. Many of us don't like working out, but LOVE to dance. So, I've taken what I've learned as a dancer and group fitness instructor and created a fun, engaging, inclusive and gratifying classes that combine ballroom, jazz and hip-hop dance elements with exercise elements of aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and spin. They are great for newcomers as well as those recovering from injury, or just looking for an activity to add a refreshing twist to their fitness regimen. 

Mirella Ang – Fitness Instructor

Deirdre Baker – Fitness Instructor

I am an avid fitness junkie! Fitness is what helps me stay active and healthy while being a mom and a busy career woman. I have been a group fitness instructor and trainer in various capacities for over five years. I have always been active, but I once let a diagnosis of exercise-induced asthma end my high school track and field career. I hope to inspire greater belief in yourself, regardless of personal battles, and to empower you enough to warrior it out on the gym floor. Whatever you are seeking; weight loss, greater strength, improved sports performance, or increased cardiovascular health—just showing up to one of my Bootcamp classes can be the first step to get you there.  

I enjoy working with people of all ages; men and women alike. (Fellas…I guarantee you a tough enough workout!) I believe in leading by example so you can catch me "getting it in" at the gym, sweating my way to the best "me" I can be. Any journey is better when you are not alone and I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Ready to take that step? Come have some fit fun with me!

Abida Blaze – Fitness Instructor

Motivated by the desire to help individuals take charge of their own health, Abida has been teaching dance and fitness for nearly a decade. Abida began taking dance lessons at just four years old, and practiced several styles before eventually focusing on belly dance. She has studied weight training, athletic stretching, Pilates, and barre, is certified as a Group Fitness Instructor with ACE, and holds a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and a master's degree in Cancer Biology. Abida is currently earning a certification in Therapeutic Exercise, and using that information to develop exercise programs with focus on protecting the knees and spine.

Jasmine Cade – Personal Trainer

My name is Jasmine Cade and I am a Wayne State student and an athlete. I have been a personal trainer for Wayne State University for four years and I am certified through the Power of Elite Personal Training. Aside from personal training, sports that I have been involved with are; Basketball, volleyball, and track and field. The sport I am currently involved in is CrossFit, which is a combination of Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics. I have been CrossFit training for the past two years, and am now a certified CrossFit coach. A lot of my personal experiences with sports, and CrossFit, are implemented into my training techniques. My training techniques includes light, to moderate, to vigorous exercises, as well as weight training, resistance training, and cardiovascular training that will produce the results that are needed to lose unwanted weight and produce overall health and wellness.

Anna Connolly – Fitness Instructor

I am a third year Dance and Kinesiology, Exercise Science Major at Wayne State. I am extremely passionate about all types of movement! This semester, I am teaching HITT and Abs and Stretch classes. I strive to challenge my students with diverse, high-energy, and full body workouts beyond the standard gym routine. My classes are never boring and always sweaty! I teach group fitness because I love to educate and inspire others about exercise and movement. Please come join me, I would love to see you in class.

Reno Dickerson – Fitness Instructor

Catelyn Girard – Personal Trainer

I am new to personal training, but a longtime fitness lover. I was an elite volleyball player and my love for sports and fitness transitioned to pursuing body building. As a trainer, I am personally dedicated to my clients and I work to create the ideal program to help reach your specific fitness goals. I put a strong emphasis on balance and moderation when it comes to overall health and believe progress will come with consistency and perseverance. My training is individualized to fit different needs for every client, including; weight management, body building, strength training, and maintaining flexibly. I would really love to work with you to help you obtain your overall fitness goals. Get ready to work!

Sherrian Greenwood – Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

With a combined seven years of professional experience in group fitness and personal training, it is my personal experience that drives me to keep my clients motivated to reach their personal goals. At my heaviest I weighed 298 lbs. I've lost 120 lbs and I work every day to keep it off. Some days are harder than others, but I won't give up. The victory is worth the struggle. Whether your goal is:

  • weight loss,
  • muscle gain,
  • increased strength and conditioning,
  • to reduce required medications, or,
  • to be able to play with your children or grandchildren without getting winded,

I would be honored to help you reach your next goal.

James "Jay" Matthews – Fitness Instructor

Clarence Mosby – Personal Trainer

Clarence has been certified as a fitness trainer since 2002 and has recently secured a new certification as a Specialist in Sports Nutrition - March 2016. Clarence has been training and gaining valuable knowledge participating in the Detroit Lions strength & conditioning clinics for the past three years. Clarence has an integrated approach to health and fitness that incorporates the attributes of strength training, weights, aerobics, nutrition and flexibility. Clarence will soon introduce this training concept in a book forma, so stay tuned. "Its never to late for fitness!"

Nick Norton – Yoga Instructor

"Nick Norton is a senior at Wayne State University majoring in Asian Studies with a minor in Urban Studies. He's been practicing yoga for over eight years, and has been teaching for two years. Norton was trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga at the Plymouth Yoga Room in Metro Detroit, and loves bringing the light of his yoga practice to the Mort Harris! Namaste!"

Julian Palm – Personal Trainer

I strongly feel it is my responsibility to help my clients achieve their highest level of physical transformations and health using methods/means that yield the highest possible results for that individual in a safe and enjoyable way. I achieve this by introducing them to time proven programs and modern techniques that have been proven to work, while at the same time building a friendly, yet professional relationship with my clients in order to always have their best interest at heart.

Shawneysa "Tat" Perry – Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Ever wonder who really understands your weight struggle? Wonder if anyone truly feels your hunger to reach and accomplish a weight loss goal? Have you asked yourself who has been in your shoes? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! That someone does exist.

My name is Shawneysa but I am known as TAT. I am more than a conqueror in many of your concerns. I've overcome battling health's Rocky Mountains by removing 110 lbs. from my body and have maintained it for about five years now. I was once in an auto accident and was told I could never take hard impacts to my body or do strenuous activity.

Because I am a lover of life and faith I learned to turn my life stories into motivation and hope for others around the world. I am a kickboxing, spin cycling, fitness dance, and bootcamp instructor. I have the pleasure of training youth as young as six and my most mature at age 100. Building people up is my mission, my passion, my honor and my duty!

No Challenge – No Change

Trust me with your goals, concerns, fears, & doubts, and WACTH ME HELP YOU GRAB SUCCESS!

Yvonne Price – Fitness Instructor

Yvonne P. is an avid fitness, nutrition & health buff! She holds AFAA certifications in Group Fitness and Kickboxing & is a ZIN member (Zumba). Yvonne has been teaching fitness for over 20 years; she has been honored to teach a spectrum of ages -from Girl Scouts to Seniors! She enjoys writing poetry, reading books and traveling. Her philosophy is summarized by Kenneth H. Cooper's quote "Fitness is a journey, not a destination..."

Kelly Roper – Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Her mission as a woman, mother, professional, business owner, bikini competitor, certified group instructor, fitness trainer and friend is to enhance the lives of everyone she encounters in a positive way. It is her goal to provide every individual who entrust her with their mind and body with a plan that truly enhances their life through fitness, motivation and goal-oriented strategies. Kelly has been motivating, challenging, and educating people about the benefits of fitness for over a decade. She is an experienced fitness trainer, coach, group instructor and motivator. Currently enriching clients in Detroit, Dearborn, Romulus and Southfield- primarily working out of Powerhouse Gym in Detroit. She has developed some very innovative and creative workouts designed for weight loss, toning and sculpting the body while allowing for self-expression. She brings to the table incredible energy and a perfect combination of business experience and tenacity with a passion for fitness.

Arunpret Singh – Fitness Instructor

LaKithia Thomas – Fitness Instructor

Amy Weiss – Fitness Instructor

George Whitley – Personal Trainer

I'm a fitness instructor with a love and passion for a quick, fun, and effective workout. I love giving my classes intense and different workouts daily. I provide hype, energy, and music to keep you going. I encourage everyone to dig deep and go a little further, longer, and harder. Being a Pre-PT major in Kinesiology, I acknowledge and recognize limitations, provide proper cues, feedback, and modifications. I have a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and I plan to use my knowledge to educate and inspire all.

Debra Williams – Fitness Instructor

I have been athletic all my life with a great fondness for physical fitness. I have a diverse background that includes; gymnastics, swimming and softball. Even my leisure time finds me taking kickboxing, self-defense, Brazilian Jujitsu and Tae kwon do classes. I have nine years of experience in weight management and health and wellness coaching. I am a AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Tuesdays and Thursdays you can "Have a Ball" with me at 4 p.m. I am passionate and committed to helping you establish a healthy lifestyle and always striving for greater improvement. It would be my pleasure to lock arms with you, build a relationship and make this journey together!


"Established in 2000, proud Warrior of the Department of Athletics since 2010."