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Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center

Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center

Established in 2000, joined Department of Athletics in 2010


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Cardio Core
July 29 2014 at 7:00 AM
Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center
Cardio Core includes fat burning moves that focus on the core and work your entire body.  Class format involves standing cardio moves and floor work.  Class intensity: Can be modified for all levels, beginner-advanced.
July 29 2014 at 8:00 AM
Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center
A cycling class that offers beginner modifications so all are welcome! Come prepared to sweat and jam to a wide range of music from hiphop to oldies! Cycling addresses cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as strength - so get ready for the burn! All Levels.
Whole Body Experience
July 29 2014 at 10:00 AM
Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center
A great combination or aerobics, strength training and core.  Get your heart rate up and strengthen those muscles.  This class has simple modifications so all beginning and more advanced patrons can enjoy this challenging workout.  Low to advance levels.
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Location / Contact Us

The Department of Campus Recreation is located in the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center.

The Mort Harris RFC is in the center of campus, directly across from the Student Center Building and across the mall from the Undergraduate Library. The mailing address is:

5210 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2348
Fax (313) 577-5843

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Parking for the Mort Harris RFC is conveniently located in structures 2 and 5 on Anthony Wayne Drive. Metered parking is also available along Cass between Warren and Palmer and on Warren between Cass and the Lodge service drive.

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The Mort Harris RFC has four floors.
The lower level offers:

  • HammerStrength plate loaded equipment 
  • Free weights 
  • Spinning group fitness studio 
  • Massage studio 
  • Campus recreation interns office
The first floor offers: 
  • Women’s Only workout area 
  • Cardio equipment 
  • HumanSport strength line 
  • Mind and Body group fitness studio 
  • Stretching area 
  • Personal training office 
  • Concessions 
  • Campus recreation administrative office
The second floor offers: 
  •  2 multi-purpose courts 
  •  Group fitness studio 258 and group fitness studio 250 
  •  Lounge area 
The third floor offers: 
  •  Walking/running track 
  •  Cardio equipment