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Mort Harris RFC Staff Presents at MIRSA 2014

The Mort Harris RFC was excited to be selected to present at the 2014 MIRSA workshop at Central Michigan University that took place in early October. The three representatives from the Mort Harris RFC, Justin Harden (Intramural, Club Sports & Programming Supervisor), Rob Latva (Assistant Director of Facilities & Finance) and Maddy Sweeney (Graduate Assistant) presented their topic entitled, “Identifying the Grey Areas: Recognizing the Expanding Roles of Campus Recreation Professionals.” The presentation expressed the importance of acknowledging and accepting the expanding roles of campus recreation professionals and discussed the reality that campus recreation professionals are more than programmers or supervisors, but can often times act as mentors, counselors and confidants. The topic presented the fact that student-employees may turn to their supervisors because they don't have anyone else to turn to or they may seek advice on issues that go beyond typical work-place matters.  The presentation sparked audience discussion in which 30 or more professionals from various universities within Michigan shared their experiences with the expanding nature of their individual professional roles.

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