Ropes course

Located in our basketball court hanging from the support beams, our Low and High Ropes Course is perfect for your group to bond together during this challenging experience. Your Student Organization, Department, or group will climb up thirty feet  on different elements that focus on teamwork and interdependency

Team building is a fun experience for your participants to gain trust or to tighten a bond that may or may not have existed before in a group. Our program consists of physical and mental initiatives designed to challenge and strengthen individuals to work together in a group. These initiatives are an introduction to our fun and thrilling Ropes Challenge Course.

Groups will learn to communicate effectively, listen to each member, recognize individual strengths, and utilize collaborative efforts. If you're looking to bring your group together, then this is your perfect opportunity! The program options are listed below.

***At this time we are not accepting High Ropes Course Reservations. We will update when those will resume here at a later date. 


Program Options

Team Building & Low Ropes Program: This is a three hour program that includes icebreakers, team building activities, and low ropes elements all tailored to your group.

Half Day Program: This four hour option includes icebreakers, team building activities, low ropes elements, plus an hour on the climbing wall

Full Day Program: This six hour program includes icebreakers, team building, low rope activities, and the climbimg wall.

Program Pricing

  WSU Student Group University Related Group Non-University Related Group
3 Hour Program $110 $145 $180
4 Hour Program $230 $310 $375
6 Hour Program $280 $375 $470

WSU Student Groups: Any group consisting of all WSU Students, including Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities, ect.

University Related Groups: Departments, Staff, Faculty            

Non-University Related Groups: Churches, Clubs, Organizations, Teams, Companies, Youth Programs, etc.

* Additional charge over the prices above for groups larger than 20

Schedule Your Program
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About Our Programs

Experiential Learning It has been estimated that we remember only 20% of what we hear, 50% or what we see, and 80% of what we do. Our adventure program is built upon this concept of active involvement leading to profound learning. We provide hands-on activities that engage the mind and body. After these activities, our professional staff will engage your group in thought provoking discussions which can lead to real change in attitudes, beliefs, group cohesion. Share this experience with your group, and watch the effects!
Challenge by Choice Our Adventure Program follows the "Challenge by Choice" method. Your group participants will determine their own level of challenge during our activities, and we will find ways to stretch the boundaries of everyone's comfort zone, ensuring a truly engaging experience for everyone. Everyone in your group will be involved, regardless of physical ability! Further information can be found in our Ropes Course Brochure.
Safety and Training
The Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center has professional staff with extensive training in operating the High and Low Ropes Course. Additionally, our staff has years of experience in facilitating team building activities, and we are eager to help your group!