Trainer profiles

Rachael Andrews – Group Fitness Instructor

As a fitness instructor and fellow gym-goer, I've learned that most of us want a workout that doesn't feel like work. Many of us don't like working out, but LOVE to dance. So, I've taken what I've learned as a dancer and group fitness instructor and created a fun, engaging, inclusive and gratifying classes that combine ballroom, jazz and hip-hop dance elements with exercise elements of aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and spin. They are great for newcomers as well as those recovering from injury, or just looking for an activity to add a refreshing twist to their fitness regimen. 

Anicia Blake – Zumba Instructor

DeAnnah Bryd – Group Fitness Instructor

DeAnnah was first certified as a group fitness instructor while she was working on her Master's at UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.  She recently completed her PhD at UCLA and loves wellness and fitness. DeAnnah has a holistic approach to health as her research examines multiple aspects of health including, cognition, stress, health disparities and resilience.  DeAnnah has taught multiple fitness courses including spinning, kickboxing and weight training.  She is excited to be at Wayne State and teaching spinning for the first time. Come workout with the spin doctor!

Anna Connolly – Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Anna Connolly is a senior pursuing a BS in Dance, and BE in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science at WSU! Anna has taught several classes at the MHRFC for the past two years, and is pursuing her ACSM certification in Personal Training. Her classes and student personal training sessions include upbeat music, unique workouts, and high energy exercises to make you feel good from the inside out.

Victor Donati – Personal Trainer

Victor is a NASM certified personal trainer who has been strength training for over six years. He is currently a third year student studying communications. Previously, he played and coached high school basketball which is where he developed a passion for teaching others. Victor promotes a balanced approach to exercise, with the aim to make it an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. He plans to leverage his knowledge and experience toward your interests and ambitions because his goal is to help you reach yours.

JoElla Fitzpatrick - Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

JoElla is a junior at WSU, pursuing a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in dance! She is a certified personal trainer through NASM, and is working towards her L1 CrossFit Certification as well. While JoElla has an extensive background in dance and movement, she is also a self proclaimed gym rat who loves all things weightlifting and CrossFit. As a fitness professional, JoElla's goal is to help others become the best version of themselves through fitness instruction, lifestyle coaching, and the power of positivity!

Annette Hauswirth – Yoga Instructor

I am an enthusiastic upcoming yoga teacher and Detroit-lover with a passion for bringing all types of people to yoga. After a lifetime of soccer, basketball, and rowing, I was drawn to yoga for the balance and awareness it brought me mentally and physically. I did my teacher training at Detroit Yoga Lab in 2017 and strive to support students through vinyasa-based classes that are accessible, motivating, and joyful. Join me for early morning mindful yoga or strengthening slow flow to gain greater body awareness, strength, and flexibility. 

Alec Zaire Johnson – Personal Trainer

I'm a WSU senior majoring in Kinesiology (study of human movement) with a focus in exercise and sport science. Studying the reasons that motivates us in our everyday lives to be physically activity. I have been an athlete since 6 years old. I have played and coached in a few sports which included; football (10 years), wrestling (4 years), wrestling coach (3 years), little league soccer coach (2 years), and track (6 years). I have a combined 16 years of experience as an athlete, trainer, and coach. My experience, formal education and professional training supports my confidence in being, more than, able to help you make health improvements and attain your fitness goals.

Andrea Koueiter – Group Fitness Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher and physical therapist, Andrea is passionate about helping people move better so they can live their lives to the fullest. Andrea specializes in teaching Vinyasa and power style classes that are fun, challenging, and creative. Classes focus on building strength and balance, as well as contentment, gratitude, and peace. 

Stacey Matlen – Group Fitness Instructor

Stacey is a lover of fitness, dance/Latin music, and letting loose on the dance floor. She enjoys sharing her passion for blending fitness and dance by instructing Zumba and Dance Fitness. She performed as a Flag Twirler for the University of Michigan Marching Band, instructed Zumba as a Public Health graduate student at University of Michigan, and now enjoys teaching dance fitness in her free time here at the RFC. 

Clarence Mosby – Personal Trainer

Clarence has been certified as a fitness trainer since 2002 and has recently secured a new certification as a Specialist in Sports Nutrition - March 2016. Clarence has been training and gaining valuable knowledge participating in the Detroit Lions strength & conditioning clinics for three consecutive years. Clarence has an integrated approach to health and fitness that incorporates the attributes of strength training, weights, aerobics, nutrition and flexibility (S.W.A.N.S. concept). Clarence has now introduced this training approach in an eBook format that was recently published on Amazon Kindle. The publication is entitled, "The Pendulum Training System". This training abstraction is sure to transcend all levels training and fitness. "Its never to late for fitness!"

Reyonna Orr – Group Fitness Instructor

Julian Palm – Personal Trainer

I strongly feel it is my responsibility to help my clients achieve their highest level of physical transformations and health using methods/means that yield the highest possible results for that individual in a safe and enjoyable way. I achieve this by introducing them to time proven programs and modern techniques that have been proven to work, while at the same time building a friendly, yet professional relationship with my clients in order to always have their best interest at heart.

Shawneysa "Tat" Perry – Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Ever wonder who really understands your weight struggle? Wonder if anyone truly feels your hunger to reach and accomplish a weight loss goal? Have you asked yourself who has been in your shoes? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! That someone does exist.

My name is Shawneysa but I am known as TAT. I am more than a conqueror in many of your concerns. I've overcome battling health's Rocky Mountains by removing 110 lbs. from my body and have maintained it for about five years now. I was once in an auto accident and was told I could never take hard impacts to my body or do strenuous activity.

Because I am a lover of life and faith I learned to turn my life stories into motivation and hope for others around the world. I am a kickboxing, spin cycling, fitness dance, and bootcamp instructor. I have the pleasure of training youth as young as six and my most mature at age 100. Building people up is my mission, my passion, my honor and my duty!

No Challenge – No Change

Trust me with your goals, concerns, fears, & doubts, and WACTH ME HELP YOU GRAB SUCCESS!

Kristine Price – Group Fitness Instructor
I've always loved movement in all forms but quickly found an attachment to yoga during college where I was able to build a strong foundation both physically and emotionally. As a Certified Recreational Therapist, I felt I could utilize this practice to help my clients overcome barriers physically, spiritually and emotionally. I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Immersion at the Plymouth Yoga Room studying Ashtanga Vinyasa becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. Through my classes, I am able to challenge others to live a more mindful and balanced life.  I love creating a space for people of all ages and abilities to move, breathe and seek their inner strength. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or looking for a place to start, I hope to see you in class!

Yvonne Price – Group Fitness Instructor

Yvonne P. is an avid fitness, nutrition & health buff! She holds AFAA certifications in Group Fitness and Kickboxing & is a ZIN member (Zumba). Yvonne has been teaching fitness for over 20 years; she has been honored to teach a spectrum of ages -from Girl Scouts to Seniors! She enjoys writing poetry, reading books and traveling. Her philosophy is summarized by Kenneth H. Cooper's quote "Fitness is a journey, not a destination..."

Angela Robinson – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Camila Rodriguez – Group Fitness Yoga Instructor

Hi my name is Camila! I am a third year Nutrition and Food Science major focused on the importance of self-care. I was given the amazing opportunity to do my yoga teacher training in Chile. This opportunity allowed me to become a proficient yoga teacher in both Spanish and English. This experience completely changed me as a person and helped me grow in ways I could not imagine before. I am excited to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with those around me. "Yoga" means "union" and that's what I strive to do here at Wayne State University. Join me for Vinyasa and meditation classes and help spread the love and acceptance!

Kelly Roper – Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Her mission as a woman, mother, professional, business owner, bikini competitor, certified group instructor, fitness trainer and friend is to enhance the lives of everyone she encounters in a positive way. It is her goal to provide every individual who entrust her with their mind and body with a plan that truly enhances their life through fitness, motivation and goal-oriented strategies. Kelly has been motivating, challenging, and educating people about the benefits of fitness for over a decade. She is an experienced fitness trainer, coach, group instructor and motivator. Currently enriching clients in Detroit, Dearborn, Romulus and Southfield- primarily working out of Powerhouse Gym in Detroit. She has developed some very innovative and creative workouts designed for weight loss, toning and sculpting the body while allowing for self-expression. She brings to the table incredible energy and a perfect combination of business experience and tenacity with a passion for fitness.

Chelsea Seramur – Yoga Instructor

I have been working in Development and Alumni Affairs at Wayne State since 2010 and have been a loyal member of the MHRC for most of that time. My yoga journey began in 1999 when I took a college course to fulfill my physical education requirement. I recently deepened my practice by completing a 230 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center. Yoga and meditation have helped me to manage chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and guided me down a path of self-love and acceptance. I am grateful for the healing and opening that I have found through yoga, and excited to share the love with my Wayne State family. 

Arunpreet Singh – Bhangra Fitness Instructor

Tylar Spencer – Group Fitness Instructor

Tylar is not only an alumna of WSU's CFPCA, she is a recent graduate of the Professional Independent Training Program at The Ailey School, and a former company member at Garth Fagan Dance Company. Her training as a professional dancer has developed her rigorous and informative approach to physical fitness, which is largely inspired by Yoga, Pilates, Dance Techniques, Calisthenics, and other somatic Techniques.

Savannah Weierstall – Group Fitness Yoga Instructor
Hello, my name is Savannah. Recently, I became a certified yoga teacher and am certified in Yin Yoga. I have been practicing all types of yoga for several years. What drew me to yoga was not only the physical benefits but the mental benefits as well. Come join me for a Yoga Blend class where you will get the best of both worlds. My class starts with energizing movement and ends with slower movement closer to the earth helping you leave the class relaxed. 

Amy Weiss – Group Fitness Cycle Instructor

I know the struggles of being at a healthy weight and trying to stay active. Having lost over 60 lbs. years ago, I'm now battling with slower metabolism due to age. Weight training was a big part of how I lost the weight and I still incorporate it in my daily workouts. When the RFC opened, I was the only female in the weight area and I'm happy that now the ratio is more 50/50. People sometimes ask me what I'm training for and I tell them, LIFE. I want to still be active and physically capable way into my golden years! Cheers!

Denise Whitman – Group Fitness Instructor

Hi I'm Denise, a Certified Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer. I started my weight loss journey 6 years ago weeks shy of being told if I reported back to medical checkup with high blood pressure, I'd be placed on meds. It was then I decided to make a healthy change. I loss 75+ pounds and decided that I wanted to help others feel as good as I did. That's when I started instructing. I've taught Zumba, Kickboxing, Bootcamp and Spin. My personality is contagious! Full of passion, tenacity and a STRONG belief that together we WILL get it done!

Substitute Instructors:

Reno Dickerson – Group Fitness Instructor (Sub Only)/Personal Trainer
Reno is an experienced group exercise instructor, martial artist and Army Reserve Sergeant. Together, all of these facets have shown me the value of dedication and small improvements. I enjoy showing others how this approach can lead to lasting lifestyle change. I understand how hard it can be to balance competing demands and I am committed to working with you to build healthier habits around your personal commitments.

Yvonne Price – Fitness Instructor (sub only)

Yvonne P. is an avid fitness, nutrition & health buff! She holds AFAA certifications in Group Fitness and Kickboxing & is a ZIN member (Zumba). Yvonne has been teaching fitness for over 20 years; she has been honored to teach a spectrum of ages -from Girl Scouts to Seniors! She enjoys writing poetry, reading books and traveling. Her philosophy is summarized by Kenneth H. Cooper's quote "Fitness is a journey, not a destination..."

Donna Wells –Hustle Instructor (Sub Only)

Donna has been teaching hustle classes on WSU's campus since 2003.  She joined the MHRFC staff in February 2015. She specializes in teaching beginners how to do the basic hustles. She also teaches more advanced hustles each week as the student's progress.

Debra Williams – Group Fitness Instructor (Sub Only)/Personal Trainer/NASM certified personal trainer

I have been athletic all my life with a great fondness for physical fitness. I have a diverse background that includes; gymnastics, swimming and softball. Even my leisure time finds me taking kickboxing, self-defense, Brazilian Jujitsu and Tae kwon do classes. I have 9 years of experience in Weight Management and Health and Wellness Coaching. I am an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Tuesdays and Thursdays you can "Have a Ball" with me at 4pm. I am passionate and committed to helping you establish a healthy lifestyle and always striving for greater improvement. It would be my pleasure to lock arms with you, build a relationship and make this journey together!