Any items left in the lockers past the clearance date will be confiscated and will be held for a 30-day period and then disposed of.

Please LOCK YOUR LOCKER!! Do not leave your belongings unattended and do not leave valuables in your locker. Please use the coin lockers, located next to the Trainers Room, for your valuables. Protect your belongings by renting a full or half size locker with a built-in combination or purchase a sturdy hard case lock. If you have any problems with your locker, please see an attendant or cashier in the Matthaei Shop, or ask for assistance in room 126.

Unauthorized locks are not to be left on overnight. Please use the locker plan if you wish to leave items in your locker.

Lost/Found articles will possibly be stored for 30 days ONLY!!

For additional recreation and building information phone the Matthaei Shop at 313-577-4260.