Open Recreation Policies and Policies

  1. Presentation of a valid Wayne State I.D. is required for building access. There are NO exceptions.
  2. Varsity Athletic events will take priority.
  3. Wayne State University holds no responsibility for injuries, accidents or stolen articles.
  4. Proper court shoes with non-marking soles are required. No turf, cleated, or spiked shoes will be allowed on the courts. Any Doris J. & Donald L., Sr. Athletic Facility staff member reserves the right to refuse court usage if a player does not have appropriate court shoes.
  5. Proper athletic attire (shoes, shorts, shirts, etc.) must be worn at all times.
  6. Cursing, yelling, equipment throwing, abuse to the facility will not be tolerated. Wayne State reserves the right to remove any individual who does not display proper behavior or who demeans the staff.
  7. For Tennis, one individual may only reserve one court at a given time, only 5 players on a court at a time.
  8. Courts may be reserved for a maximum of one hour. Reservations can be extended upon arrival if spaces are available.
  9. Reservations can be made 24 hours beforehand. Please email to make a request. You will receive a confirmation once your request has been reviewed.
  10. Attempting to illegally use a OneCard to gain access to the facility will result in a $25 per person fine. The OneCard can be returned to the rightful owner anytime, but facility access will not be granted until the full fine amount is paid.
  11. No food or drink shall be taken on the playing surface except water in plastic containers.
  12. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited.
  13. Use of outside personal trainers/coaches is not permitted. All lessons are prohibited.
  14. Ball hoppers and carts are not allowed.

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