Intramural and Club Sports

Wayne State University's Department of Intramural and Club Sports is committed to providing diverse sporting opportunities for all students. Sport programs help to promote mental and physical health, and improve personal skills through a competitive yet fun environment. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded college experience.


Visit Registration Procedure to learn who is eligible for intramural sports and how to access them; visit IMLeagues to find out what intramurals we currently offer.

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Club Sports 

A club sport is a specially recognized student organization that provides a medium for people who share a common interest in a sport or activity; they can range from educational to competitive. Competitive clubs regularly compete in various state, regional, national and international contests and tournaments against clubs from other universities, and usually identify with a nationally recognized league or association for their respective sport or activity. Club sport programs are maintained by the dedication of Wayne State students, and teams are founded and governed on the basis of student interest. Visit Club Sports Teams to find what we currently offer.

The purpose of club sports at Wayne State University is to provide students with opportunities to participate in sports and activities that promote socialization, physical activity, lifetime fitness, and wellness practices. 

Club Sports are not Wayne State University varsity athletics teams and will not be considered a varsity sport unless authorized by WSU Athletics.

All Club teams are responsible to set practice times, provide necessary information about their club team, and an outline of their season. 

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Please direct questions about intramurals or club sports to Whitney Savage at

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