Professional organizations and networking

Michigan Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (MIRSA)

MIRSA logoMIRSA includes colleges and universities from across the State of Michigan. We meet annually at the MIRSA State Workshop to discuss and collaborate on current issues developing within campus recreation facilities and programs to help better improve the Mort Harris RFC operations. The workshop includes presentations and round table discussions highlighting unique programs, student development, and new technology in campus recreation just to name a few. Mort Harris RFC student and professional staff routinely present and volunteer at the state workshop. At the 2013 MIRSA State Workshop, Mort Harris RFC staff presented three educational sessions during the two day workshop. Mort Harris RFC full time staff also recently took part in MIRSA Strategic Planning at Central Michigan University.

Click here to view the Mort Harris RFC staff's presentation at the MIRSA 2014 conference.

Region III

NIRSA is broken down into 6 regions by grouping states and Canadian provinces with similar geographical locations. Michigan is located in Region III along with Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ontario. Each year colleges and universities from across Region III come together for the Student Lead On Conference.  This conference is designed for and planned by undergraduate and graduate students from colleges and universities of all sizes across the region. Lead On presentations and sessions are geared to help develop students for future professional careers regardless of their chosen profession. Educational sessions and panels include but are not limited to resume building, cover letter writing, the transition from a student to a professional, business dinner etiquette, and utilizing student organizations to build a future. The Mort Harris RFC had the honor of hosting the Region III Student Lead On in 2010 under the theme "Rock On, Lead On". It was the highest attended Student Lead On Conference in region history at the time, and began a trend of increasing attendance ever since.

National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)NIRSA logo

NIRSA is the national governing body for campus recreation and serves as a tool to connect with other campuses across the country. As a member of NIRSA, the Mort Harris RFC has access and has utilized research and educational materials distributed by NIRSA and other member institutions through the Recreational Sports Journal and other publications. We also have enhanced access to for students who are searching for graduate assistantships and/or professional positions in campus recreation, parks and recreation, corporate fitness, and student life. Other benefits of NIRSA for the Mort Harris RFC include access and utilization of NIRSA online discussion platforms, discounts on licenses and certifications, and discounts on workshop and conference registrations. NIRSA also hosts the annual National Conference and Expo each year for its members.