Club Figure Skating

Who are we?

We are a Wayne State University Club Sport as well as a U.S. Figure Skating Intercollegiate Team! We operate under both Wayne State University and U.S. Figure Skating. 

Our season goes from the end of September through March. It consists of 3 Intercollegiate Competitions, several show events, as well as fun team activities! We have team practice once a week on Sundays at the Troy Sports Center.

In order to be on the team, you need to be a WSU student, maintain a 2.2 GPA, and have an U.S. Figure Skating Intercollegiate membership. We accept all skating levels on the team!

Interested in joining or have any questions? 

Email us at

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We compete in Intercollegiate Competitions through U.S. Figure Skating against more than 20 other college skating teams in the Midwest "Conference" Region. In order to be eligible to compete, each skater must have a U.S. Figure Skating Membership and either be a full time student or a part time student in their last semester.

The 2022-2023 season competitions schedule:

  • October 28-30 at Case Western University
  • February 3-5 at Western Michigan University
  • March 10-12 at Trine University

During a competition, each university team competes in the following events:

Competition level is determined based on the test levels from U.S. Figure Skating, which can be found by clicking here

Each event is divided into different difficulty levels and requirements. An individual skater is at most allowed to compete at 5 different events (1 short program, 1 long program, team maneuvers, and either 2 pattern dances or 1 pattern dance and 1 solo free dance). Each university team is allowed to compete at a total of 30 events.

After a skater competes at their individual event, depending what place they get, they will earn points for the university team. The higher a skater places, the more points they earn. At the end of each competition, all of the points that a university earns get added up, and final university standings are determined. After all 3 competitions are done, the top 4 universities in each conference move on to the National Intercollegiate Finals.

Competitions are always over the weekend. We go up to the hotel on Friday, compete Saturday and Sunday, and leave Sunday evening.

Show Events

On top of competitions, we also do fun show events in the community! Last season, we had the
opportunity to skate in a team show at the Little Caesars Arena during a Red Wings Game.


As a club sport, we are completely self funded. As such, we collect monthly dues in order to cover ice fees, coaching fees, competition fees, and hotel room stays. The cost to be on the team ends up being around $220-$250 per month (depending on the amount of girls on the team as well any fluctuations in costs) for 6 months.

For anyone who is new to figure skating (which we define as not having tested with US Figure Skating and not having the required skills for the High Beginner Competition Level) we offer a 1 year only Introductory Membership. With an Introductory Membership, skaters can join the club, come to team practice, skate in show events with us (given they have the minimum skating level to do so), and all other aspects of being on the team except the competition portion. This gives skaters time to learn the skills needed to be able to compete the following year. This membership costs $150 per month.

Fundraising is an opportunity to be able to lower the cost. Depending on how well team members do with fundraising, cost can be lowered. This requires active participation from the entire team.

Season Recaps

2022-2023 Season

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