All currently registered WSU students have access to the Mort Harris RFC through their OneCard. Students with holds on their accounts will not have access to the Mort Harris RFC. Students must have their Tuition for the current term paid in full to gain access to the Mort Harris RFC. Students who are using the tuition payment plan that is offered in the fall and winter terms, will have access.

Students who were enrolled in the previous winter semester may print out their schedule from Academica and purchase a spring/summer membership for $35. Enroll Now

As a precaution to avoid the misuse of the facility and to assure security for all members, the Mort Harris RFC requires that all members must have an activated OneCard upon entering the building. If you have forgotten or lost your OneCard, please obtain a Daily Pass from the OneCard Office located on the second floor of the Welcome Center.

Please note: The Mort Harris RFC staff will confiscate cards used by people who are not their rightful owners, and they will be asked to leave the building. If the card user refuses to leave or release the misused OneCard, WSU Police will be notified and Code of Conduct charges will be filed with the Dean of Students Office. Confiscated OneCards can be retrieved by their rightful owner for $25.

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